Yet ANOTHER Way to Knit

As a “machine” knitter, I often get told that I am”cheating”.

My response is usually “It’s another WAY of knitting.”

Around the world, there are many different ways people knit, hold their yarn, hold their needles.  In the end, we are all looking for a similar result.

As a knitting , crochet and machine knitting instructor, I notice that no one method of holding yarn and needles works for everyone, and it is important for me to know a few different ways to show students, until I find the method that suits each individual student.

While my personal preference is “Continental” knitting, I also enjoy Portuguese Knitting for my purl rows.

Here is a very interesting way of casting on a very sturdy edge.

Who’s going to give this a try?

Cast On the Indian Way

Might have to wait for the weather to get a bit warmer……..



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